HOSPICE PHYSICIANS work with the patient's primary physicians to develop a plan of care that maximizes comfort and quality of life.

SOCIAL WORKERS are available to listen or provide emotional support and help families with any end-of-life financial issues and/or planning. Our knowledgeable social workers can assist families in education and utilization of community resources.

VISITING NURSES assess the patient on a weekly basis to ensure that the plan of care is being implemented and that goals are being met.

HOME HOSPICE AIDES are available to provide personal care needs, such as bathing, feeding and dressing.

HOSPICE COUNSELORS will be available for any spiritual needs that the patient may have and continues to offer bereavement services to family and friends as desired for up to one year after the loss of the their loved one.

THERAPY CONSULTS Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and Dietary consults will be made as needed to help the patient cope with their physical decline.

HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS are an integral part of our hospice team, providing support and reassurance in a broad spectrum of services. Our volunteers are a dedicated group of trained individuals who share the desire to enrich the lives of others by generously donating their time, compassion, and expertise.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, SUPPLIES AND MEDICATION will also be supplied as appropriate for physical needs.